Monday, 10 May 2010

Trent Junction

Kegworth proved to be an excellent mooring despite the walk into the village.  We were moored opposite the side of the weir which we could hear all the time.  Emma departed early as she had morning patients to see.  We had yet another frost!

Two views from our galley window...our own infinity pool

It was a very chilly start to the journey and the early glimpse of the sun rapidly disappeared.  With the junction not far ahead we phoned Redhill Marina to check on the fuel situation but discovered there was none!  Since we needed to fill up before the Trent we had no option but to turn left at the junction instead of the intended right turn for Nottingham and travel up to Sawley Marina.   Once again I called ahead and it sounded promising as I had an affirmative response to my query on declaring our own split. 
Through one lock which was not only mechanised but a lock keeper to do it...sheer bliss for Geoff as some of the paddles this morning have been stinkers.
We had to wait a while whilst a wide beam fuelled but eventually all was filled up together with some of our diesel bug medicine.........
When I went in to pay I was told that I could not declare my own split as the company policy was 60/40.
A small but pleasant discussion ensued and eventually the manager came.  he was in fact very accommodating and I was able to declare my own split.   Perseverance is sometimes needed....  no good sending Geoff on these occasions!!!

We turned ourselves around and proceeded to resume our journey to the intended destination of Nottingham however the weather had not improved and the rain was getting heavier so we decided to moor at the junction for the night and hope for better things tomorrow.

Despite all my heartache over my computer and all the reinstalling I have done I am no further ahead.   As soon as I start the navvygator program to run the computer keeps doing blue screen crashes.  C'est la vie!

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