Saturday, 22 May 2010

Barnby Dun

So what of last nights recommended meal?  Well the food was good honest pub grub at a very reasonable price...........BUT and its a big but, by the time it came we thought we would be having it for breakfast.........admittedly the place was heaving but having booked for 7.45pm we eventually received our food about 9.15pm.    I should have taken a picture of Geoff's Mixed Grill before he got started  but this was the size of the plate!

Awoke to a beautifully clear sky this morning and Barney and I walked the mile and a half to the first swing bridge.  Luckily it is a completely electric one so I managed it with no problem.   Watered etc just beyond and then continued on our very slow way towards our destination of Barnby Dun.  It read well in the guidebook, promising a church for Sunday and several pubs for Sunday lunch.  I'd had a look on google earth and there seemed to be moorings just short of the swing bridge there.  Nicholsons is the only guide we have for ths area and it is not very forthcoming about good mooring places.

We passed the junction  with the New Junction Canal where we will eventually head north for York, but for now we have decided to head South to Sheffield.

Rural view beind us showing New Junction Canal to left

View ahead...not so rural!!

Mooring found with no problem, nice wide path for Barnaby as he does like sitting out and observing.  However it is very warm so this is the only place of shade he could find.

Under the washing!

We may be moored very adjacent to the gigantic cooling towers but it is still a delightful spot....just to hot to go out exploring yet.......

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