Friday, 14 May 2010


We met Les one of the Cromwell lock-keepers last night and he informed us that the BW office at Newark was only open from 10-12 so as we were expecting mail to collect there all thoughts of a leisurely start had to be abandoned.
Instead of the 9am start I envisaged we were  off by 0630....I must admit it looked a lovely morning.....only ruined by the temperature again.
The picture below is taken looking back at Gunthorpe Lock which we had just left.  The foam on the water looked just like ice floes and I am surprised it wasn't!

It was a four hour run down the river to Newark and we only saw one other boat in transit.   Shortly before Newark we passed Staythorpe Power station
We then passed Newark Marina which seemed full of gas guzzlers.  Most of them must sit there a lot of the time as we have seen very few in transit.
And so to Newark.  The remains of Newark Castle sit towering just beyond the lock.  We waited for two boats coming up and then had a very friendly welcome from the lock keeper.  When we said it was our first visit to Newark he was a mine of information about places to go and also told us the best place to moor.

Only one wall of the castle remains

We managed to find a space on the floating pontoons we had been directed to.  Although there is no tide here the stream is very strong and we made an exciting arrival to the pontoon.   To the onlooker it probably looked very slick but in my opinion it was more by luck than judgement (Geoff was on the helm!).   He is better at these situations than I am, when lots of wellie is required.  Later in the afternoon we went to take the lines of another boat who was having the same problem with the stream.    It is always good to watch someone else going wrong!!

We had two suggestions (many thanks) to our problem of fixing the new aerial on the roof but sadly neither was destined to work so tomorrow Geoff is going on the bus back to Nottingham to return said article.  meanwhile I contacted Roadpro to see if we could get a spare arm and ball for the present one and they were most helpful and it has been sent to the Bw office here special delivery so fingers crossed it will arrive on Monday.  It means a delay of a day but the office is very conveniently placed just where we are moored and the staff have been very helpful.

So we are set for the weekend in Newark

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