Wednesday, 19 May 2010


We set off from Torksey about 12.30 for the long flog to Keadby.  It felt like a long slog too........very uninteresting river, against the tide for the first past until it turned in our favour.  This is definitely the land of the power stations

Tidal Gauge part way along our trip.

I must confess that dull though it was there was also an element of uncertainty about the trip.   All the way I was thinking of what we would do if the engine played up.   We have never used our anchor in anger and have no idea how effective it might be.  

Keadby Bridge

 Eventually after about 5 hours we are close to Keadby Lock which will take us back onto the canals.  At this stage we were the lead boat of 4 but we slowed down to let 2 go ahead as one of them had done this trip many times so we thought we would copy him for what was an interesting approach to the lock.   First of all we had to do a 180 to turn back into the tide and then approach at right angles to the entrance and turn at the last minute.........  Picture below show the boat ahead of us. The entrance is just to his right under the crane.

The lock is big enough for 3 so we squeezed in the middle

Once through the swing bridge we moored for the night....had enough for the day....far too long a day, and due to our later start Geoff missed his siesta.......

The moorings here are not too salubrious so we shall not be lingering

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