Monday, 24 May 2010


Short run today to Doncaster.   In the morning I was required to sign some documents for son Giles but the PO here did not have a fax machine.  However they directed me to a small print shop which did.  Whilst waiting for the fax I was fascinated by their clock on the wall

Faxes done we watered etc and followed a largish boat through the lifting bridge which Geoff opened.  They waited for us at the lock which was huge.

Just after leaving we passed an old church at Sandall Grove
Gentle run then into Doncaster.  We are on the outside of a pontoon mooring which is not the best for Barnaby.  There is some grass for him if we go outside the security gate but we are definitely in an urban mooring today. 
However he is still managing his guard duties!


chris said...

Hi you two,
Following your blog with much interest,If you are going to Sheffield you better start feeding Geoff on spinach as the ammount of locks will kill a lesser man but now i know what a hero he is im sure he will get as far as Rotherham.Maybe you should stop at tinsley locks and visit Meadowhall shopping center?? we will be home on saturday evening 29th if you give us a call we will come and collect you and show you some proper Yorkshire hospitality.
We made it to Lincoln did a shop thought it was getting boring so we turned around and headed back to torksey and up the Trent next day it was eventful as on of our floatila one broke down in Cromwell lock plus we collected another two boats breached up so when we eventually made it into Newark at about 7-0pm we looked like a battle scared bunch all clinging onto each other.We have spent 3 wonderful days at our favorite mooring in stoke done lots of painting dogs love it here and we plan to move on heading for Kegworth and the river Soar in the morning.So dont forget call if your in our neck of the woods next week 07774956888 Chris & Denise

gbl said...

Hi Chris
Tried to reply via the email on your card but it was thrown back at me....can you email me direct so I can see your email address.