Thursday, 13 May 2010

Gunthorpe on the River Trent

Somewhat delayed departure today due to the mishap with the Satellite receiver.  Geoff paid a visit to Maplins in the town and came back with a complete new installation (he never was very happy with the mechanics of rotating our Kerstan set up.) 
A final shop in the very convenient Sainsburys and then we were off through two locks and back down onto the River Trent.  We even had company in the first lock but they stopped to shop in the centre of Nottingham and we went our solitary way again.

The next two locks were of the much larger variety and automatically operated by the lock-keeper. (When he is on duty.......I think if you want an early start in the morning you have to operate them yourself.)

Made our target of Gunthorpe just before 2.  Most of the way was a solitary cruise down the river apart from passing 3 narrowboats who had obviously just been let out of Holme Lock.

Pontoon moorings provided very conveniently just before Gunthorpe Lock.  They are adjacent to a nice looking pub with seats overlooking the river......which would be very nice for a pre supper drink..IF the temperature were better...we shall see!

Sadly Geoff has had no success with the new satellite installation.  This one has a sucker arrangement to hold the aerial on the roof but it won't stick to our roof because it not only has a non-slip coating but is slightly curved.   We are now trying to find a way around the problem!!!  Anyone who has any bright ideas don't hold back.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Strong magnets in place of suckers

Pam said...

We used a magnetic mat like you see on the side of cars; this magnatises to the roof and the sucker sticks to the mat.