Tuesday, 4 May 2010


One of our early starts this morning as we had been lazy over the weekend.  We were off at 0715 and there was still frost on the top of Petroc.....and its May!!
After Barney and I had had our morning perambulation through lovely countryside and Geoff had negotiated Saddington tunnel we came to our first lock of the day.   As luck would have it another boat was just getting ready to depart in the same direction as ourselves so we waited for them, life is so much easier in wide locks with two boats.......
12 locks later we said goodbye just short of Kilby.  We had been on the go for 4 3/4 hours, quite enough for one day.  It had been a pleasant run with fields full of cows and sheep with their lambs....very British......
The other boat carried on, there were on a 10 day hire doing the Leicester ring....we thought how fortunate we were not to have any rush.
We have not a seen a single boat travelling in either direction, it makes one wonder where all the boats, that are built by the very many boatbuilders who advertise in the canal magazines, go.  However we are not complaining. we have a quiet delightful countryside mooring for the night before we tackle the trip through Leicester tomorrow.

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Brian and Diana on NB Harnser http://nbharnser.blogspot.com said...

All the other boats are up the Oxford Canal. Napton was like Picadilly yesterday with wall to wall boats, but no queues,just ometimes two waiting at the top lock.
Its a different world where you are