Thursday, 25 August 2011


After a very cosy night in Newbury Marina we were quite sorry to leave.  The yard was so well kept, we had water and electricity on tap, spotlessly clean toilets, and all for £10 for the night.  They were also very helpful and can thoroughly recommend the place to all you other boaters out there.  The Newbury Marina I am talking about is just before Hamm Lock, not to be confused with either of the other two sites.   I am sure they are fine but we don't have first hand knowledge of them.
No photos today...too much rain......
We thought the rain had gone through and were all ready to leave just before 8am, however as we leave the marina it started again and stayed with us on and off nearly all the way to Woolhampton.   No-one to share the locks with until the very last lock.  But wonder of wonders, all the visitor moorings were free so we could choose our spot.  By now the sun had been shining for almost an hour so life was definitely on the up.
Gentle afternoon, I took the opportunity to observe a boat going down the lock to try and assess how strong the flow is as it is a tricky exit with swing bridge soon afterwards.   The exit seemed OK although there is a strongish flow, the more exciting bit is turning through the swing bridge and then picking ones crew up.........we shall see how we fare tomorrow.
5.53miles, 7 locks 3hrs 47min

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