Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Still moored in Reading, but escaped from the gaol!

We have not gone far!!!  Set off in company with another boat so we could actually share the last lock on the K&A.
A very low bridge

Just after the bridge we passed these vacant pontoons, and wonder if anyone ever uses them.
If you enlarge the picture you will see who they are for.
Further along the swans make good use of a shopping trolley
So Goodbye K&A
and looking back
This first stretch of the K&A is not tremendously inviting, but there are some beautiful places along the way to Bath.   This time we did not venture down as far as Bristol as we had done that 3 years before.   
We had trouble finding a mooring at Tesco's but managed to wedge ourselves three quarters in, and after I had done some of the shopping the boat in front obligingly left so we were able to get completely alongside.
Whilst shopping I received a phone call from Giles to say he was en route with some of his home grown runner beans and some of Susannah's cup cakes...........they were just in time for coffee.....very nice.....
We then moved upstream slightly to BetterBoats to refuel.  They had a big notice saying you could self declare so it looked promising.  We had to hang back a little as two other boats had been refuelling also,  The price was 99p + tax which is the highest this year.  The lowest was 82p 
On through Caversham lock and despite my pleas to carry on to Maple Durham I was over-ruled....again......and we are moored by Reading Bridge......will we ever depart from Reading......
1.75 miles, 2 locks, 3 3/4 hours (includes shopping!)

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