Sunday, 7 August 2011

Weekend in Bath

A most enjoyable weekend in Bath.  Friends Rosi & John arrived on Thursday, staying downtown in Bath.  
They came to supper on board on Thursday, Friday Rosi & I did the town  We did it very gently with stops for coffee, lunch and afternoon tea....very decadent......  In the evening we all went for dinner.    Saturday they had a Ruby wedding to attend so we did our own thing.    The horseshoe shaped weir which is so distinctive was only made that shape as far as I can make out in 1972 as part of the flood defences for Bath.   It might explain why I do not remember it from over 50 years ago when I was attending college in Bath!!!!  (1959/60)

The famous crescent
Poultney Bridge
Geoff did a guided walking tour of Bath and after we had lunch in a delightful Greek restaurant called OPA that Rosi and I had found the previous day, I went on a sort of busman's holiday.   I took a 1hr trip up the river to Bathampton on one of the tourist boats...

Bridge at Bathampton
Poultney Bridge from the rear
On the trip back you get to see the not so familiar side of Poultney Bridge, and not so splendid.
Today we all went for lunch to the Bathwick Boatman which is on the stretch of the Avon I had passed on my boat trip.  It is not a stretch you can visit from the canal so I felt justified in making the trip.

A quiet evening followed after John & Rosi's departure.  The moorings here are quite delightful.  Good for Barney and away from the crowds down in the town.  It is a 15 min walk up from town, or in my case a 5 min bus ride!!!!  The moorings below the locks are not at all suitable for Barnaby, a high wall and railings all along and as far as I know they charge, however as you can see from the picture they seem very popular.
Tomorrow is turning round day to begin retracing our trip along the K&A and back to the Thames.

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