Sunday, 21 August 2011

Weekend in Hungerford.

Visitors this weekend.  Daughter Boe has just accepted a 10 month teaching post at the English Nursery School in Moscow and is leaving next she decided to come and say goodbye and stay Saturday night.  needless to say we had to kill the fatted calf and what was going to be a one course healthy supper turned into a 3 course, not quite so healthy!!!!   Depending on her flight time I hope to be able to nip down on the train and say goodbye to her again next Sunday.
There are good walks around here, over the canal to the River Dunn which is full of brown trout

Sunday morning all 3 of us went to St Lawrences Church, which is conveniently almost alongside our mooring, where we had a very uplifting service and a very outgoing rector who preached his sermon standing in the aisle with no notes...such a gift......
Shorthly after our return our other visitors Geoff and Gill Smith and Ronnie Dunn arrived.   Later we had an excellent lunch in the Downgate Pub.  We had sussed out a couple of pubs on Saturday (when we got caught in unexpected heavy and prolonged rain) but decided on this one as the prices were very reasonable and the pub seemed to be very aircraft minded.  One room had hundreds of model aeroplanes hanging from the ceiling and there were lots of aeroplane pictures.  However when we asked the landlord if he was ex air force the answer was a negative....he just liked aeroplanes!!!!
Tow boat cats who will not be allowed to stray......I am not a cat person but these two are certainly lovely specimens but it does seem strange to see cats on a lead.  Barney was not at all interested in them........
........even when one decided to take a closer look at Petroc

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