Monday, 8 August 2011

Ups and Downs to Dundas Wharf

the first 'UP' was heading up towards the top of the locks to the turning point to begin our journey back along the K&A.

Geoff and Barney walked leaving me to turn just before Bath Narrowboats, it was up because the weather looked good and the sun was trying to shine
.The turn was successfully negotiated and the return trip began
The first 'Down `was that it then started to rain and became quite heavy.  I pulled in briefly to close the hatch and don a waterproof and also to give Geoff his waterproof as he was still walking.  Sadly Barney has to take his chances!
Geoff got on after the first swing bridge and shortly afterwards we had an 'UP' as the rain cleared and the sun shone so we were able to enjoy this pretty stretch with the hills around us.
There are still lots of moored boats along this stretch so the going was slow at times (another 'DOWN) but the 'UP was that there was a little more water than when we did the journey last week.
We reached Dundas Wharf and there was space for us on the waterpoint, another 'UP, but as soon as we had moored up a hire boat came along also wanting water, so we invited him to moor alongside temporarily as there is not much space to wait.  When we had finished he said they had only taken the boat yesterday so would not need much water and suggested we waited whilst they watered rather than manoeuvring ourselves out.   Thinking it would be a 5 min job we agreed....what a took forever, I don't think the hire company could have filled them up, either that or all 4 of them had had extremely long showers!!
The final 'Down' occurred when they had left and we were departing.   I was on the tiller and had cast off the stern line, Geoff went to cast off the bowline and slipped on the muddy path (torrential rain last night for several hours) and into the canal.
The canal may not be very deep as you can see but getting out is the problem.   However our boarding ladder came into its own.  We had purchased it last year after Geoff fell in the tidal Trent as we tried to help a boat who was aground.  He had the same problem then but luckily the other boat had a boarding ladder..........
he looks reasonably cheerful here but has several cuts on his legs and has hurt his shoulder so we may have to have a layover day tomorrow........
4.48 miles, 0 locks, 2hr 59 min

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Anne H said...

Hope Geoff is OK.......nothing a stiff drink will not cure!