Saturday, 27 August 2011

...and so back to Reading

We set off at the respectable hour of 0745 for the journey back to Reading.  Part way along we realised one of the battery warning lights was on, this coupled with our misgivings about the battery state monitor boded ill.....
We realised that there was every chance that our batteries were not charging at all so a phone call to RCR was called for.  Told them the problem and they promised to have an engineer alerted for our arrival in Reading.
Tree lined canal and up ahead the busy M4...guess who is in the best place
We did find company for the last two locks.  The lock pontoon for the last lock is right under the bridge and there is a fairly strong stream flowing so docking is not helped when there is a fisherman plonked right in the middle who was none too keen to move!!

Anyway all eventually negotiated and we had the run through the Oracle centre again
A very low bridge at the far end
Not far to go now as we wanted to moor in the loop by Reading Jail.  Luckily there was only one other boat there so we had our pick of places.   There was no sign of the Reading Festival crowds here so it was a good spot for the weekend.
Another call to RCR to tell them where we were moored and we had an engineer there within a couple of hours.   It only too him a few minutes to diagnose a faulty alternator....grrrrh......
He said he could be back with a replacement at 7.30 Sunday morning.  In the meantime we had to use minimal electricity so the fridge was turned off, and everything non essential.   The worst part was that I could not have the shower and hair wash that I had intended to have ready for a very early departure by bus on Sunday to say goodbye to Boe who was departing for her new job in Moscow..........
6.06 mils, 6 locks, 3hrs 4 min

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