Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Bradford upon Avon...nearly

Off at 8.30 this morning, Geoff taking great care as he untied the ropes.  I had thought we would be having a lay over day but Geoff said his shoulder was not as bad as he had feared and he had managed a reasonable nights sleep.......
Goodbye Dundas Wharf
The was a little more water on this stretch than we we came down, albeit still a lowish level.   The sun was shining but we didn't see much of it as this is a very tree lined stretch....great if it is a boiling hot day.......
Bicycles in trees today
It is still a pretty stretch with the hills in the distance.  
Avoncliffe Aqueduct
We were unsure about how far we would go and I had resigned myself to a longish day as Geoff seemed to have developed a touch of 'getonitis', however when we reached the swing bridge about 3/4 mile before Bradford there seemed to be a congenial mooring spot with lovely wide grass area alongside.  When Geoff suggested we stop I agreed with alacrity......
After coffee we walked into Bradford, lovely walks along here, parkland and along the nearby River Avon.
A visit to Sainsbury's with my wheelie trolley has stocked us up for a few more days.  The shopping was rounded off with a visit to the pub for a refreshing drink before the walk back.
Gentle afternoon in the sun (Geoff busy siestering!)
Later Geoff walked back to the Avoncliffe Aqueduct(with his faithful friend of course) and discovered the delightful Cross Guns pub.

One of our better moorings on this canal and I would be happy to stay a while but I don't expect I shall be allowed to.......  there are no mooring restriction times here.
3.31 miles, 0 locks, 1hr 28 minutes

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