Friday, 26 August 2011


Friday dawned wet and nasty so at first we decided to stay put for the day.  However after I had braved the rain to collect a paper etc, during the course of which I was completely drenched by a man in a white van who drove far too fast through a huge puddle, it showed signs of improvement so we changed our minds and set off about 10am.   I should add that said white van was stopped by the level crossing barriers just after this incident which enabled me to catch him up and have a few words with him......he was not impressed......but then neither was I!!!
First thing was to tackle the exit from Woolhampton lock and get through the swing bridge.   The exit from the lock was accomplished with no real problem, but it was still flowing fast through the swing bridge and the pick up of Geoffrey was slightly more problematical....however with a fair bit of wellie and reversing it was eventually accomplished.....
The rest of the run was uneventful and the weather improved and we found a mooring at Theale.  Good moorings with rings and no one there.
Yet another lock with leaky top gates.....all that water wasted!!!
En route we had passed fellow bloggers Sue & Vic on No Problem, there was no room to moor in Tyle Meadow where they were or we might have stopped for a chat.
By this time also Geoff was getting concerned because out battery state monitor did not seem to be functioning properly.....was it just the monitor or was the battery not charging?????  We had just had the engine serviced so couldn't believe anything was seriously wrong.  Decided to watch the state of affairs overnight.
5.93 miles, 6 locks, 3 hours 48 min

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