Monday, 29 August 2011

Still Moored by Reading Gaol

Despite the fair weather this morning I was unable to persuade Geoffey to move downstream, so I decided to take myself off to see the grandchildren.
They are only 2 stops away on the train so I duly headed for the station.....almost a disaster.......Reading Festival ended yesterday and seemed like a million people were queuing at the ticket office to purchase tickets.   I nearly called Giles to say come and fetch me but decided to try my luck.  Sometimes one just has to be a helpless female, especially an aging one!!!!  There were numerous officials trying to marshal the crowds and I approached a likely looking one who proved most helpful.  When I explained that I had a train to catch in 10 minutes and could I buy my ticket on the train(to which the answer was no) he decided that I could be let through the barrier and to travel free!!!  I must have looked really decrepit...........
Giles and I then took 2 6 year old girls, 1 extremely hyper, almost 3 year old and little Oscar at 11 months almost walking, to Beale Park...needless to say I am exhausted this evening.
Tomorrow we move, Geoffrey has promised....but upstream in the homeward direction.......

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