Sunday, 28 August 2011

Goodbye Boe

Up at 5.15 to catch the 0615 rail/air link bus to Heathrow to see Boe off.  The station had a fair number of reading Festival departees and all waiting outside as the station had had a power failure and was shut........luckily it did not affect my bus.....and opened soon afterwards anyway.
She departed safely after removing a couple of things from her hold baggage to down to her weight allowance.
Meanwhile the engineer had duly arrived and had Petroc up and running electrically again within 45 minutes...easy when you know how........mind you at a price!!!!!
Lunch time Maggie arrived and we all enjoyed a leisurely Sunday Lunch in a comfortable pub close by which was away from the main crowds.   A lot of chat went on between the two of us for the rest of the afternoon, whilst Geoff was happily ensconced with his TV.
We have already heard that Boe arrived safely, and I have even had a request for a test email.  She seems to have a problem with everything coming through to her in Russian at the doubt she will get it sorted in time.    She has decided to do a blog of her time there and it can be found at


Anonymous said...

Give her our best wishes when communications are established. Are you heading up the Grand Union or the Oxford? We are heading out to warmer climes on the 7th September.

Love A&K

john fraser said...

An ominous choice of blog title don't you think?