Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Shallow trip to Dundas Wharf

Last night's white van did the trick and when we left early this morning all was well at the Elsan disposal, much to Geoff's delight!

Although we went down alone in Bradford lock it was very gentle, but the trouble started as we left the lock.    nasty noises coming from the engine made me (and Geoff, who was on the shore) think we had picked up something round the prop.   There is not much room to stop here so we had to tie up on the lock landing outside the cafe whilst we (Geoff) investigated.   Normally he moans when I suggest we may have picked up something but he had heard the noise also.  However on his investigation nothing was found, and by this time a boat had arrived to go up and needed to we hastily shut everything up and set off again...none too happily.  After a while we concluded that the problem had been very shallow water.......and the water continued like this all the way.   We passed several boats coming in the other direction, sometimes with great difficulty, who all told us it was no better ahead.  We also passed long lines of permanent boats and some interesting ones.
Mary, Mary how does your garden grow
I don't think they are silver bells and cockle shells!
Garden Shed???
If it hadn't been for the shallow water it would have been extremely pleasant, the countryside around is delightful and all the hills can now be seen.
As we rounded the last tight bend towards Dundas Basin there was one space at the end of the 48 hour moorings, our lucky day.  We managed to get the bows in but not the stern.   The water is still well down.
We are moored at the far end of the Dundas Aqueduct
Geoff and Barney took a stroll to the end of Brassknocker quay.  If you look at the picture you can see there are narrowboats of our size up there but the turning room is very small so we did not venture.
Brassknocker Quay
Later on when Barney and I took a stroll I wondered what all the crowd were interested in. 
It turned out to be this....Steam train pulling the UK version of the Venice-Orient Express.   Passengers on this train would be enjoying a 5 course lunch with a price.   I quite fancy a trip...........
Moored ahead of us is a narrowboat cafe selling drinks etc and Cornish Ice Cream!!!  So many people went past the boat with their cones that I was forced to go and buy one.  Needless to say Barney accompanied me and he lucked in, as he was given a free one of his own!!!!   It was a slightly smaller version of mine and disappeared in a flash............and then he sat eyeing mine....No luck there.....  Geoff was asleep having his siesta during all this......
4.18 miles, 1 lock, 2hrs 48 min

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