Friday, 1 July 2011

Good and bad day

The day started well, clear skies and once the sun cleared the trees it was pleasantly warm for our short trip down to Pangbourne Meadows.  En route we passed the 7 deadly sins.  These are 7 Edwardian houses that were built in1896. There is an apocryphal story that they were built to house seven lady friends of the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VII)
Here are the first 4 as you approach from Goring.
We reached Pangbourne with the intention of taking Epiphany place as they departed, but there was space behind them so I could disembark leisurely before climbing aboard Epiphany for the trip down to Reading.  The purpose of the trip was to see if I could get a problem with my IPhone rectified. 
That was a very relaxing trip, it is quite nice travelling on someone elses boat as I have no responsibility and do not have to do anything except watch the world go by.
In Reading the orange store could not help as my phone was 15 moths old and only guaranteed for a year......but they suggested I try the Apple store.   It was mayhem in there and I had to make an appointment for later in the afternoon  but it was worth the wait.  They could not fix it either but benevolently said they would give me a new phone even though it was out of lucky day......
My luck did not hold however......on returning to our lovely mooring in the meadows I found Geoff sitting outside and decided to join him with a nice cold glass of Pimms.   Whilst sitting there this big boat came down so I thought I would take a photo..

The African Queen
That will be the last photo for a while.  Whilst Geoff was passing the camera back to me on the boat it fell in the water...we won't bother to have a discussion as to whose fault it was..........
2.19miles, 1 lock, 56 minutes

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