Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday in Burghfield

Emma arrived after work about 9.30pm, having stopped at Tesco's to buy runny honey.......this was for a hot toddy for Geoff who had caught my cold and it had turned to Man Flu!  By the time she arrived he was asleep so Emma and I repaired to the pub for a couple of nightcaps without him......not like Geoff to miss a trip to a pub.  
It was not an auspicious start to the day today as Emma succeeded in throwing her early morning cup of tea (made lovingly for her by the invalid) all over herself and the bed.........she howled like a banshee as it had gone all over her hair and shoulders..........luckily she moved so quickly that no lasting harm was done but was not impressed when, after the first initial inquiry as to her injuries, I was more concerned about the bed and possible damage to the mattress!!  So at 7.30am, when Emma had hoped for a peaceful lie-in after two long and busy days in A&E in Reading, it was bed stripping soon as it was 8am the engine was on so the washing machine could begin.   Our engine is so quiet that I doubt that the little boat behind (the one with the little dog) would have heard it, but we didn't want to be bad neighbours and infringe the engine curfew.
Geoff and I then went to St Mary's Church in Burghfield where we had a very warm welcome and arrived back to Petroc to find Emma had cooked us a lovely Brunch.
This was a Grand Prix day and although there was no satellite in amongst all the trees, Geoff managed to get a very acceptable picture on the tiny £9.99 aerial he had bought which just suckers on the roof.
Later sister -in-law Edith arrived and after a walk with Barney we went for late lunch/early supper at the Cunning Man.  The meal was acceptable but the service left something to be desired.  Luckily we were in no rush and were quite happy to have a long slow meal.  We sat outside which was quite pleasant, marred however not only by multitudinous (is that a real word?) children running around and in and out of the tables, but also by a very loud lady at the next table who seemed to think that the whole world wanted to hear what she was saying and to hear her acting out songs and dittys for the children.........cabaret we did not need. 
Notwithstanding it was a pleasant late afternoon, early evening and the sun obligingly came out for the latter part.  Edith departed, unfortunately we could not ask her to stay as there was no room aboard with Emma there.
Onward to pastures new tomorrow.

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