Monday, 18 July 2011


We were up early (again!) this morning so reversed back to the water point.  A chilly, grey and windy it really July?
Eventually left just after 8 and through the first bridge are two lovely houses will rolling lawns.
I think if I lived here I would like a bigger boat at the bottom of my garden....
Still no company in the locks, but Geoff is filling them very slowly and gently so no major dramas.  Amazingly there were very few boats around, I think we passed 2 all morning BUT when we reach Hungerford the place we thought we wanted to moor was full.  We did attempt to get in the space you can see just behind the wide beam, but we were just too long.   So we continued through the lock and found plenty of mooring at the top which is actually much nicer and also better for Barnaby.
After coffee we decided to do the shopping and here you can see me with my multi-coloured shopping trolley which Geoff refuses to pull......can't think why.
Very useful for heavy loads
En route this morning Geoff saw his second kingfisher of the year, they seem very sparse this year.
Ducklings are more plentiful and there are still quite a few young families about.
The rain was kind to us this morning and it saved itself until after lunch  .....   and then it bucketed down, but by then we were all cosy below.
3.3 miles, 4 locks, 2hrs 30mim

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