Thursday, 28 July 2011

Seend Cleeve

Geoff did a walk up to the village this morning and came back via Seend Cleeve to check if there was space on the moorings......there was so on his return we set off.  By this time (10am) it was getting hotter. I don't seem to do well in excessive heat so wanted to be finished before the 'mid day sun'.
Beautiful morning
There was plenty of room below the 3rd lock so objective was achieved
The rest of the day was spent trying to keep cool (I know we shouldn't really complain about good weather) and also watching the various antics of the passing boats.  This included one hire boat, smaller than us, who tried to turn in front of the Barge Inn.  Despite several attempts he failed..........
Thoughts of an evening drink at the pub fell by the wayside as we were too lethargic, but Pimms on board were just as good.  The pub is very popular but was not rowdy and we were moored at the far end not directly in front so we were OK.
1.2miles, 1hr 11 min, 3 locks

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