Sunday, 17 July 2011

Damp weekend in Kintbury.

I have just walked back from seeing Boe off on her train back to London and as I walked back I thought what a thoroughly miserable evening it was and now I am sat below writing this and the rain is again pelting down.
Still we mustn't grumble too much as this is really the first washout of a weekend we have had for a while.
And it is not all bad, Boe has visited for the weekend so we were able to catch up with her doings, we went to the church this morning and had a good service, later we went to the Blue ball for lunch which was very good.
We had thought we would have to take down our pram cover for when the horse drawn trip boat came by, but Geoff saw them earlier on and discovered they were going the other way so that was a reprieve.   They came past just after we arrived but luckily we had not put the cover up by then.   There are notices all along asking people to keep their roof's completely clear in the day time but that is not always practical.  Some boats have heavy top boxes on and it would be quite a job to remove.
There are also numerous other notices around as shown below.
Now these are very interesting.  All of them have had the last line scratched out...what did it say???   I can only assume something like `between 8pm and 8am` maybe.  Well, most of us know that you shouldn't run your engines between those hours anyway.  It is obviously not practical as the engine has to be run to charge the battery.  In addition `residential area` is a bit far fetched.  On the offside the houses are well away from the canal and I doubt very much if they can hear the engines.  Closer to the houses are permanent moorings so I wonder what those boats do as I can see no sign of an electricity supply for them.
On the towpath side there are no houses at all, just the very adjacent busy railway line.  The trains come thundering past at many more decibels than any boat's engine.
So onward again tomorrow towards Hungerford.......forecast is not brilliant......

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