Monday, 25 July 2011


Departed early so the Barge Inn looks peaceful.........normally a seething mass
Just after the pub there is a long.................................long line of what look like permanent moorers, or do I mean non-continuous cruisers...........the first few of which are on 24 hour moorings.
Makes for very slow going
Interested to know what they kept in the kennel affair
There are several very narrow passages due to the reeds
Enlarge this one and you can see that sod's law prevailed again

We passed a strange looking back door
and a nice welcome to Devizes
As we reached Devizes a boat very conveniently pulled out of the end of the mooring so we slid gently in.   Geoff had a look further up as there was space but decided this was closest to the shops and also had a line of sight for the satellite.......
Moorings here are 72 hours which is very convenient, although we shall probably only stay 48hrs and move down the flight on Wednesday.
Since we were here early I set off for an explore of the town and to find a hairdresser as my hair is beginning to feel heavy!!  Eventually managed to make an appointment for the next day.
Whilst Geoff was siestering I managed to paint the gunnels down one side so felt very virtuous.
The mooring is extremely pleasant as we can watch all the activity going on in the basin here.
7.81 miles, 0 locks, 3hrs 24 minutes.

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