Thursday, 30 June 2011

Beale Park

One major event I forgot to record on my last blog.   When we went upstream to water at Cleeve Lock, Barney had taken himself off to lie under the trees.  When we had finished we cast off and went slightly upstream to turn and in the middle of the turn remembered Barney....he had not noticed our departure immediately but had suddenly woken up to find us could we have done such a thing.......luckily it was only a few minutes before we were alongside the pontoon to collect him but we do wonder if we had been continuing upstream hoe long it would have been before we missed him!

I had visited Beale Park, the visitor attraction,  itself with Giles, Finley and Oscar last Monday.  They have annual family tickets as it is so close to them, but for the general public it is £9 and £7.50 for an oldie like me.   For what is provided inside that is quite expensive.   I blagged my way in on Susannah's ticket and the kind lady said I could do it just this once!!!!   Since all the attractions are children orientated I shall not be paying another visit........
Along the river there is plenty of room to moor, albeit mainly rough moorings.  Lots of land for Barney so he was happy.  The notices a little further down from us say 24 hours, but the one by us is unreadable......we are not depriving anyone of a space  as there are not that many boats here.   Although we have trees all around they are far enough away on the other bank that our TV satellite is not affected....important for this week as it is Wimbledon.

A most enjoyable supper aboard Epiphany on Tuesday was followed today by Geoff hitching a ride with them to Pangbourne to get the paper and milk.  My day was partly domestic, a very small part but I did make a start on cleaning the venetian blinds.  In all respects bar one they are a great success but cleaning them is a real pain...I managed 2 windows before I had had enough......the rest of the day was spent doing Giles accounts.   Tomorrow we shall move down to Pangbourne.  The plan is to move into Epiphany's place and I shall hitch a ride to Reading.   My phone is playing up and so I need a visit to the `3` shop.

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John Fraser said...

Mornin' both,
I know, I know, grannies, eggs, etc; BUT, as Barney seems to spend a fair amount of time in rough pasture with animals, you are checking him for ticks? 'Course you are.
Continue to enjoy your trip.
Don't all rush at once but we seem to be having a bit of summer just now. I even got sunburnt yesterday.