Friday, 15 July 2011


A very pleasant 2 day sojourn in Newbury.  We had originally thought we would be better mooring at the top of the lock but this proved to be far nicer........somewhat more public but lots going on to keep on amused...and much better access to park area for Barney.
Just up from our mooring is a water sports and youth centre and the kids were often out in force.
There were lots of swans and ducks and the inevitable families feeding them.  The only downside to this was Barney.  He was not interested in the animals, just the bread that they were being fed.........
The Kennet & Avon Trust cafe was directly opposite and we did pay them a visit on Thursday morning...they did a good line in coffee & walnut cake, Geoff's favourite.
In the evening we decided to try the cinema which is newly opened since our last visit through here 3 years ago.   I don't think either of us would recommend the film, Bridesmaids, but there were a few funny bits and we don't indulge in this habit very often.
The shopping is good here and soon will no doubt be better as they are building a new shopping complex, which is due to be completed next March...meanwhile it looks a mess.......

This morning we were off at 8 for what should have been about a 4 hour journey to Kintbury........
Under Newbury Bridge

Sign at the top of the lock
however at the 5th lock we picked up a wide beam.   He pulled out of his mooring just as we were entering the about bad timing.   It would have been OK if he had travelled at a normal speed but the water is down from the normal which does not give us a problem.   However he draws about a foot more than we do and was having big problems, only moving at all at ultra slow speed.
The culmination was when we reached Kintbury lock (having crawled from the last one at less than half a knot!) and now he couldn't get over the cill.  He was forced to reverse out and let us through.   Once through yet again there seemed to be no room at the Inn!!!  We pulled up on the watering point and I went on a recce.    When requested a very kind boat agreed to pull forward a tad and this just left us space.  So here we are for the weekend in a good spot.   Train station is adjacent which Boe plans to make use of to visit us.
5.71 miles, 8 locks, 5hrs 2min

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