Thursday, 21 July 2011

Back on the Air now at Crofton

Well 3 days with no Internet, nothing since leaving Hungerford, all of a sudden after lunch today I was connected, with no apparent reason why there was nothing in this same place all day yesterday and this morning.
So to catch up.
Moored behind us at Hungerford, a novel place to keep your spare pot plants and bicycles!
First lock of the day, Hungerford Marsh Lock with swing bridge over the centre.
A very patient barney always waits whilst Geoff crosses the lock
A  lot of restoration work has been done along the banks 
Nine locks today so was my crew getting weary?
There are some very `lived in` boats along this canal
We found a mooring just before the bridge at Great Bedwyn and Barney found a soul mate....they are both watching me intently as I am cooking!
4.61 miles, 9 locks 4 hrs 26 min
After availing ourselves of the sani-station it was after 10 before we set off, but not so far to go today far to go today. The goal was the moorings below Crofton Pumping Station.  Geoff had done an early recce and there seemed to be space for us.
At 2 of the bridges today there were these strange objects (blow up picture for better view).  Were they part of the WW2 defence system as were the numerous pill boxes?
And so to moor below the pumping station.  There was plenty of space so we moved right up away from the trees in the hopes of a satellite signal (successful!)
1.75 miles, 4 locks 1hr 43 min
For most of our journey thus far we have only shared 2 locks.   We would have been quite happy to wait the recommended 20 mins at a lock to share, but it would have been a lot longer than that.....maybe we have BO or something but there just have not been many boats around.   Today however we had decided on a layover day and this morning there have been numerous boats going both ways....sod's law or something.......
The weather over the last week has been very changeable and we have been caught in the odd shower, but luckily the worst seems to have been in the afternoon when we have finished for the day.   As I sit writing this at 1430 the heavens have just opened.  I was just in time to get in my washing, and close everything up.   I did a small amount of touch up painting to our dark blue earlier.  Geoff had very kindly (and not too willingly!) rubbed down the areas I wanted to do and applied anti rust stuff.  This he had done whilst I walked back to Great Bedwyn for milk and paper.   I had had a sleepless night...well not quite all night, but it seemed like it. so I decided that more exercise was called for......
After my return we climbed up to Crofton Pumping Station to avail ourselves of the coffee shop......they have delicious home made cakes but sadly the only one missing today was Geoff's favourite Coffee & Walnut.
Looking down on our mooring from Crofton.  You can see how close the railway is and since it is higher than the canal it is quite a strange feeling being moored so close.   There are a lot of trains both passenger and goods, the goods trains seem to go on forever.

To see the train in action click the link Train at Crofton

Croftons large chimney
Before lunch only 2 of us left
For more info about Crofton Pumping Station click the link.

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John Fraser said...

In the spirit of public info. Tomorrow (Fri 22nd) beeb2 2100 "The golden age of canals".
Life continues its normal bucolic pace up here in Morayshire.