Monday, 4 July 2011

Return to Beale Park

After the weekend in Pangbourne we have returned to Beale Park as it is a lovely quiet mooring and convenient for our baby sitting duties on Wednesday night.  
Pangbourne is a great place to moor BUT it is only 24 hours......we stayed 3 nights and didn't get moved on.   If one moored there and did not venture off the boat you would not know it is 24 hours as there are only 2 signs and they both point towards the land...and one of those is almost hidden in the might have had a photo but if you read the previous blog you will know why not......the new camera is ordered from Amazon who are normally very speedy with their deliveries.
Sat was a relatively lazy day until the appearance of Giles and Finley......Giles was quite restful but Finley was 2 1/2 he doesn't stop from waking up till bedtime......
On Sunday Geoff went to the early Communion service in Pangbourne and then Boe arrived and we were all picked up by Giles as they were both running in a nearby 10K race.   Despite Boe not being sure she was going to enter, and then thinking she would only do the 5k one, she was persuaded by Giles and came in 3 minutes before him!  An excellent  lunch followed at the Highwayman in Checkenden, followed by the Men's finals at Wimbledon (I notice this year that they are calling it the Gentleman's and not the Men's).   After all the children were in bed we departed back to our quiet Sunday evening on Petroc...suitably tired after a good day.
Today we went downstream to Mapledurham to water and empty the loos etc and then cruised very gently back to Beale Park passing the 7 deadly sins yet again.   There are not many boats moored here so we had our pick of places.
6 miles, 1 lock, 2.5 hours

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