Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Caen Flight

Yesterday we met John and Sandra on a hire boat who were planning an early departure for the flight so decided to team up.   They had their 12 year old grand daughter twins, Laura and Rebecca staying so plenty of crew.  In fact the girls played a blinder rushing round doing paddles and gates.
We watered early (far too early in my opinion as I didn't really recover from my rude awakening all day)
We then went up to the start of the locks to wait for Serenity the hire boat.  Eventually set off about 8am on a fine and beautiful morning.  
What better day could we have asked for
Bottom of the main flight of 16
Just 7 more locks to go now and it was getting very hot which I don't find ideal.   However we were doing well time wise.  We had met 1 pair of boats and 3 singles on the way up, not exactly busy.
Some of the upper lock gates on the earlier locks were leaking badly
We managed to find a space to moor at Sells Green and after lunch crashed out exhausted.   I was disturbed from a wonderful sleep by the chap on the boat in front who knocked on the side to ask what time we were planning to move on tomorrow...Grrrrrrrr......needless to say Geoff did not hear him!!
The next to disturb me was Geoff who wanted to move back a bit to see if we could get a satellite signal, we couldn't so it was revert to original now I decided to call it quits and get up.......
Later we were hailed by the solitary diner from the restaurant last night.   Steve had just moved into a house in Sells Green and came bearing a gift of apricots from his garden so he was invited aboard for a tea and chat.....pleasant interlude.
3.49 miles, 29 locks 5 hours

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