Friday, 29 July 2011

Still at Seend Cleeve

No, we have not exceeded our permitted 24 hour stay, well only by a few hours, not overnight.
We were expecting visitors for the day, Mary and Ivan, who duly arrived at coffee time.  Sadly the weather of yesterday was not repeated and we had several showers of fine rain, so no sitting out leisurely watching the world go by.  At one point as a shower started I went to close our swan doors but couldn't....the water had dropped a good foot.  There didn't seem to be any reason for this, at times it rose a little but generally stayed low for the rest of the day.  It did not seem to be linked to the rising and falling in the locks.
Geoff had to get out all 3 of our hoses to reach the water point but though we might as well fill up before we left.  Since there is not a sign saying 'water point only' boats use the space for general mooring.  There is also a pump out and elsan here and that is positioned adjacent to the lock moorings. The fellows needless to say had a pint in the pub at lunchtime.  After lunch we moved down 2 locks to the moorings just after the bottom lock.  Geoff bravely let Ivan loose with a winch handle, last time when he helped us up Tardebigge he managed to drop one in the canal!!.  There are 24 hour mooring here also, space for 2/3 boats. They don't seem over popular but are in a lovely peaceful spot and still well within walking distance of the pub.
We had booked an earlyish supper there at the Barge Inn and had an excellent meal at a reasonable price.
0.33 miles, 2 locks, 32 min   (Big Trip!)

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