Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Whitley Lock and a slight change of plan

A slight change of plan!  Instead of heading up towards Selby today we are retracing our steps.
An email from friends John & Fiona Slee on Epiphany told us that they were going through Standedge Tunnel on Monday.  I replied that that was the last thing I would ever consider doing but Geoff had an inclination to do so.......then followed an invitation for him to join them.  Some web crawling on my part found that it could be done by public transport by Geoff, but friends Bill and Hilary live at the top of the Rochdale which is not a million miles away so another phone call and we had invited ourselves to stay for Sunday night. and have organised a hire car for two days. 
This was initially difficult as all hire companies offices are shut on Sunday apart from at airports, but a bit more web trawling and I discovered one in Barnby Dun.....yes we are going back there for our third visit.....and whats more we can have the car delivered to Petroc.........much better than the big hire companies.
So today we just had to solve the shopping problem as we don't want to get to Barnby Dun before Friday and we have run out of milk.   Pollington was a disappointment as there was no longer a shop so we decided to carry on to Eggborough which seemed a bit bigger.    It was but only just, it was a very small store, however it was sufficient.
Just 2 locks today, the one at Pollington and the one below, Whitley can see the busy M62 crossing just beyond the lock

En route in this wide waterway (Aire & Calder) there was a stretch where there were these signs at intervals.....but we didn't think they applied to us!!!

We also passed this house which took Geoff's fancy as a beautifully proportioned example of Georgian architecture............I wasn't sure where my conservatory would go......
After shopping we returned to the mooring place just below Whitley Lock which is OK apart from the noise of the nearby M62...but after a while we cease to register it.....

Today I have given up on using the Navvygator progam to record our journey as it refuses to stop crashing my computer...either that or it is the USB GPS I have.  Instead I have an app on my iphone which will do the same job but is still frustrating not to have solved the other problem.

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