Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Boroughbridge...nearly at our northernmost point

I had always associated Linton-on-Ouse with the RAF station, but now I know it has a lock, weir, pub and campsite.   We had elected to stay beneath the lock and pay our £5 to the camp site as it was quite congenial with a good view across to the weir and the salmon ladder alongside......at least I think that is what you call it.    Geoff has seen quite a few large salmon jumping in the river...I am not so observant.......he's seen lots of kingfishers too but I haven't.

The lock here is quite deep and very forbidding when viewed from above, however once inside in Petroc it was much as many other locks.   The gates are big and heavy.
The day was another sunny delight and once clear of the lock we had just under 10 miles to go.  As yesterday the river was largely devoid of a lot of interest, all the villages seem to keep their distance.  We did have the occasional herd of cows drinking at the edge of the river to amuse us and we did have 2 boats pass us...such a hive of activity......

En route we passed this poor abandoned boat...very careless!!

And so to Boroughbridge.  Geoff has been to explore and reports that it is a pleasant little town, but we shall not linger as Ripon calls.  It is market day on Thursday so we would like to be there for that.  We have heard that the 48 hour mooring is rigidly adhered to so we shall depart early tomorrow.

Anybody would think Barney had had a busy day opening lock gates

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