Thursday, 10 June 2010

Barnby Dun for the 3rd time

Well here we are again.  We were going to come back to Barnby Dun in slow time over two days, but the weather is so bleak and the mooring places in between seemed bleak also that we have come all the way today.   At least here there are BW facilities and a 5 min walk for the paper etc.  In addition IF the wet weather stops I cant tart up the other side of Petroc...I did one side last time we were here.

We actually passed 4 other boats during our trip today which is most unusual.  No sign of any of the big ones on the Aire & Calder though apart from one who came through whilst we were moored up.   Although he was approaching the lock he seemed to be going quite fast.  Despite being securely tied up we moved around quite a bit.

The rain held off for us during the trip although it was very dank.  We had the numerous swing and lift bridges on the junction canal to negotiate.   Barney and I walked a couple of miles between several of them and he is now zonked out on my bed recovering!

The cooling towers at Barnby Dun come into view, here seen as we approach the guillotine gates of the aqueduct at the southern end of the junction canal.

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