Friday, 25 June 2010

Southward Bound from Ripon

After a morning shop in Sainsburys we had a leisurely start of our journey southwards.  We went up to the basin to turn.  As we turned I saw the little farm shop in the corner and remembered that they had some delicious looking danish pastries so we completed the turn and went back to the mooring for a quick visit!!

Red sign of farm shop just visible

Looking back from basin with moorings on the left
The locks are all quite short so it was another wriggling day.  Nose behind one gate whilst Geoff opens the opposite one and shimmy around to get out!!  I haven't quite worked out how 2 boats of our length could be in at the same time.

We passed this strange looking boat en route, a sort of cross between a small dutch barge and a narrowboat, probably very nice inside.

We also passed what must have been a boat yard but all that is left are two narrowboats on dry land.

Finally we passed Newby Hall and Gardens.  There are moorings if you want to visit but not for overnight.   I missed the picture on the way up as we were going to fast, and the view from the river of the house face on is only there momentarily.
We had intended going to Boroughbridge but decided to stay below the lock at Westwick as we thought we might get a better TV picture!!   So the afternoon has been spent with me shouting at the tennis in the back and Geoff shouting at the football in the front.....good job no-one is near us.

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