Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Ripon at last

Reasonably early start today for the last leg to Ripon.  It was a more interesting run than the last 2 days, and we had 4 locks today.  Compared to some locks these are quite short and I have to wriggle in for Geoff to close the gates.   The latter part of the journey becomes the Ripon canal and we felt much more at home......I think I will take canals over rivers anytime.   Just before the Ripon moorings is the sani station which is extremely well kept.....very clean and friendly....small book swap and even flowers in a vase. 

Sani station Ripon
There is also room for one boat on a 48 hour mooring here.   The moorings themselves are just short of the basin and there is room for about 3/4 boats.  We had expected difficulty in finding a space but we are alone!!!  It is 48 hours only which is apparently strictly adhered to so there can be no siestering afternoons if we are to make full use of our time.  
We arrived at lunchtime so have made a start, although some of my time was wasted in trying to sort out our repeat prescriptions.   Geoff had to watch England play on a rather poor TV picture but then we went to Evensong at the Cathedral where the choir of St John's College Durham were singing and very splendid they were.

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BigJohn said...

"It is 48 hours only which is apparently strictly adhered to"
- says who, Gill?
And if you overstay what happens?
Seems silly if you are going to be the only boat visiting.