Monday, 21 June 2010

Linton-on Ouse

Monday dawned sunny and warm, so after watering etc and getting the paper we set off for the run up to and beyond York, the plan being to get up to Ripon and stop in York on the return journey.
Below is a picture of our favourite house on the opposite bank.

This gentle fisherman and his dog were to be seen on the top of Naburn bridge

Not all the other boats were shiny expensive plastic ones!
A little further on we passed the Archbishop of York's palace at Bishopthorpe

We had heard conflicting reports of the best place to moor in York.  Although we were not planning to stop today we decided to reconnoitre the moorings beyond Blue Bridge at Castle Mills Lock.  It is a very pleasant approach under the bridge and then through the guillotine gates (open) ahead

and into the basin itself with Castle Mill Lock ahead.
Apparently you can book to go through the lock and for a short distance onto the River Fosse, as it can be manned by IWA volunteers.  We did have a vague idea of doing that but not after our visit to the basin!!!!
There is plenty of room to turn but it is full of weed and quite a shallow muddy bottom in part.   There are two large boats moored just out of the picture to the left which led us to conclude that we would be OK....Not SO........
In trying to turn we stuck on the bottom, had lots of weed round the prop and in the bow thruster.   This led to this when we eventually managed to turn ourselves and get off the bottom!
The propeller was cleared but no such luck with the bow thruster
After that charmimg little episode we went back to the main river for a very congenial run through York
The recommended visitor moorings are just beyond Lendl Bridge by the Museum Gardens so we decided on a short stop there to let Barney off.  There were quite a few narrow boats moored there but plenty of room if we had wanted to stay.   This will be our goal on the return trip.  We have been told they are fine but wise to avoid on Friday and Saturday nights which we shall endeavour to do.
We carried on for another 10 miles to Linton-on-Ouse.  The sun was still shining so it was a pleasant run up if somewhat devoid of interest. 
We have moored at the bottom of the lock as it seems more open than the possibility above.  This is despite the fact that we have to pay £5 to moor here!

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Keith hall said...

Good to hear you are enjoying the ouse. Our first posting when we were married was to RAF Linton-on-Ouse. A lovely station with a larger than life civilian padre called Ronnie Knoakes.