Saturday, 26 June 2010

Back to Linton-on Ouse

Geoff has a fascination for taking photographs of cows, these are just two of his collection!

They came to visit us on the boat where we were moored last night below Whitley Lock.   Luckily there is a fence between us.....

We had an early start this morning and stopped in Boroughbridge to pick up the paper and milk.  This was followed by a gentle cruise back down to Linton-on-Ouse and we actually passed one boat en route!

We went through the lock at Linton and moored below where we have to pay £5 a night but it is much more open that the visitor moorings free) above and we needed a TV picture as Wimbledon is still on.....the only sport I watch.    We won't even mention the football.

It took Geoff a fair bit of fiddling to get the satellite picture much to my dismay as he gets so cross!!!  However it all came good so we have had an afternoon of tennis and football, interspersed with walks for Barnaby.   Geoff also walked up to the next village at Newton-on-Ouse to see what time the church was........11am, so a nice lie in tomorrow.

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