Saturday, 12 June 2010

Still at Barnby Dun

Yes here we still are, a pleasant enough mooring, Barnby Dun Church in the background.

This was our sunset on Friday evening

On Friday I took the bus into Doncaster (25min and free with my bus pass!) and had a gentle wander around and Saturday Geoff walked into was slightly further than he thought at an hour and a half, the latter part along the road.  However he rewarded himself with a 2 rasher, 2 egg bap and drink all for £2 in the market......
Whilst he was doing this I did the washing, did the ironing, defrosted the fridge and painted the gunwales on one side of the I a star or what???   Of yes and Barney and I went for a good walk.   We walked up to the little church at Kirk Sandall which is all closed up although there is a telephone number if you want a key.  It is obviously still a well loved church as they are having a heritage weekend next weekend when it will be open, and there are about 3 services a year.

On Friday evening the Humber Princess came past on its way up to Donnie and returned early Sat Morning.  It certainly is a big beast and no matter how tightly we are moored we do a certain amount of swinging around.

Geoff took a good video of this but I haven't worked out how to make the video into the blog.

The weather has been kind to us over the past couple of days and tomorrow if all goes to plan our hire car will be delivered to us and we shall go to stay with Bill & Hilary in Warland prior to meeting up with Epiphany on Monday morning for some foolish people to go through Standedge tunnel.

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