Monday, 28 July 2008

Weekend in Windsor

Relaxing at Windsor

We eventually found an ideal mooring spot away from the main town just adjacent to the Windsor Sports centre. I must say I did not like the look of it at first and we turned Petroc round several times before I agreed that we should try it....however Geoffrey was right and it was ideal. Mainly in the shade and sufficient grass for Ellie......the weather was getting hotter by the minute so the shade was very welcome. There were one or two other narrow boats moored in various places but the majority of the boats were varying sizes of Gin Palaces.

Geoff overheard a chap on one of them moored behind us saying to his friend "Very upmarket for a narrowboat"!!!! How condescending can one get?

Keith came back by car with our clean laundry which he had kindly done for us whilst we meandered down the river. We were able to sit on shore until quite late and watch all the boats and swans etc passing by. It is certainly a busy stretch of the river. Keith and Anne left later in the evening and we had a night alone whilst we prepared for the next lot of visitors.

Friday we walked into Windsor which was teeming with tourists and did our shopping in the convenient Waitrose erstwhile shopping trolley came into it's own again!

Emma arrived mid afternoon with our post and some of the heavier shopping she had done....replenishment of drinks etc.....

Our mooring spot at Windsor

Sunday morning all three of us went to Choral Communion in St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle. We then found a convenient pub whilst we waited for Boe and her friend Annie to arrive by train. They were coming for the night so it is a good job our saloon bed makes up into a huge bed as all three had to sleep in it!

Another gentle evening on the riverbank where we dined al-fresco. We had planned cold eating as it was still hotter yet but all the while we were assailed by the tempting BBQ smells of several groups who were picnicking around us. However Geoff does not do BBQ's so we do not carry one with us.

Monday morning Emma & Parga departed as she was working at lunchtime but Annie & Boe decided to do the trip to Shepperton with us and catch a train back from there later in the day.

Big locks, we had as many as 7 in one this morning

A very hot passage down the 12 miles or so passing many houses to be envious of although not so large and affluent looking as north of Windsor........still most of them out of our budget.

Boe & Annie's preferred place of travel is the roof

Moored at Shepperton about 2.30 ...dare I say it was too hot............

Boe & Annie departed about 5.30 with Boe going to view 3 flat shares this evening. She is looking for something in the Putney area as she starts college in Wandsworth at the beginning of September on her 1 year Teacher training Qualification.

The River Wey beckons tomorrow.

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