Friday, 4 July 2008

Seend - Still en route Devizes

Our Mooring opposite the Barge Inn Seend Cleeve

The intention today was to position ourselves by lock 29 late this afternoon to be ready for the off at 8am when the Caen flight opened. However the best laid plans...............
The deciding factor to change our minds was the weather forecast. Saturday was shown as being very windy with lots of rain, and the thought all those locks in that sort of weather was not appealing. We are after all doing this for pleasure not pain.

The Barge Inn

Accordingly we left our mooring by the Barge Inn and went through 3 locks and one swing bridge in beautiful sunshine. Geoff had previously walked up to Seend for the paper and come back along the towpath from the Sells Green direction to see what the mooring possibilities were. Just short of Swing Bridge 150 looked promising so we stopped there with the intention of listening to the lunchtime weather forecast and then making a decision about our next move.
The forecast was inconclusive, although it did not sound as bad as previously reported. However by then we had found a perfect TV picture which boded well for Wimbledon.

Swing Bridge 150( we are not on the bridge waiting point!)

We had a phone call from Epiphany with whom we had a loose arrangement to meet up Friday evening if we had progressed further. In the present circumstances we arranged to meet back at the Barge Inn for Sunday lunch. We shall go to the church in Seend which we visited 3 weeks ago on our way through.

On our arrival at the mooring Geoff looked in the mirror!!!!!

This friendly fellow decided our kitchen window had possibilities!

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Lesley and Joe K said...

Ids he being cooked for Sunday lunch? No, that is too cruel, he looks lovely..
NB Caxton