Wednesday, 30 July 2008

On the Wey!

We did not have an auspicious start to our trip to the Wey Navigation. As we left Shepperton I dropped one of the mooring stakes on my foot but that was nothing like Geoff's accident later on.

Whilst pulling one of the mooring ropes he managed to get a fish hook stuck in his finger. At the time I was trying to manoeuvre alongside another boat who had moored themselves in the lock waiting area. Geoff was trying to secure us alongside so we had to call for their assistance as he was out of action! Once secure I was completely useless so he had to extract it himself. This he did with a large pair of pliers.......I have checked and his tetanus is up to date!!

Waiting Pontoon for first lock

The actual entrance to the Wey is very pretty and the lock keeper takes you through the first lock and then proceeds to do all the paperwork and relieve you of your fee. In our case it was £54 for 7 days. You are provided free of charge with the special lock handle which is required for the locks.

Leaving first lock (Thames Lock)

We soon found that our normal practice of securing with a long middle rope which I control from the stern whilst keeping myself well back in the lock just doesn't work in these locks. We have had to change our modus-operandi to bow and stern ropes. Even then we have to take great care and fill very slowly.

After the fish hook incident and then getting banged around in the lock we decided to quit for the day and moored at New Haw (South of Weybridge)

Today, Wednesday we set off just after 8 and fared a little better in the locks but by noon it was too hot for me and Geoff's hopes of reaching Guildford or Godalming were dashed......he managed to find a nice shady spot in the deep countryside.

We are somewhere between Guildford and Woking. Just after leaving New Haw we passed under the M25 and thought of all those unlucky people travelling above us.


Lesley and Joe K said...

Enjoy your trip up the Wey, it looks lovely.
NB Caxton

Adam said...

One of my various routes to work uses the train from Guildford to London, and I always look out for the boats moored under the M25 flyover, just by the junction with the Basingstoke Canal. Enjoy the rest of your trip. There are some really pretty bits as you head further south.

Phil Kemp said...

Welcome to the Wey Gill & Geoff! Take a look at the Wey Valley community website for everything you need to know. Phil Kemp. Editor.