Friday, 18 July 2008

Return to Woolhampton

Another early start, this time pre-arranged with Klim & Tina on Strathmore for 7am. We both wanted to have a mooring in Woolhampton. Set off in dull but dry weather but sadly it did not continue for the whole trip, we had periods of fine but sometimes heavy showers. Apart from that I had the fright of my life in Greenham Lock. I was looking aft checking my position in relation to the sill when I heard a loud noise and looked forward to see a swan landed on our roof. It proceeded to slither down the side of the boat between ourselves and Strathmore. With fantastic presence of mind Klim rushed between the boats and caught the swan high up on its neck and hoiked it up onto the roof. Whereupon the wretched swan slithered down again and fell between the boats. However it was further forward this time and we managed to get enough space between us for it to swim forward, and the gates then opened and it swam out. I asked Klim afterwards if he had handled swans before but it said it was the first time but he had seen it done......glad it was him as I certainly couldn't have done it. Unfortunately I was not quick enough with the camera to capture the neck handling.Monkey Marsh Lock with its metal pilings

The rest of the trip was wet at times but uneventful. In some of the locks it seemed as if as much water was coming in the back gates as we were letting out of the front!

Geoff & Tina...the ground crew!

We arrived at Woolhampton about 11.30 and there was plenty of space to moor. Later in the afternoon we had a visit from Giles & Ella. Ella was wearing her smart new flotation jacket in bright pink as you can see below.

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