Friday, 25 July 2008

Marlow & Windsor

Left our lovely mooring at Henley Thursday morning. The only negative thing I can say about Henley is that the town council need to get a grip of their rubbish collections. Out walking in the morning and all the rubbish bins in the park were full and there was litter all over and no sign of anyone starting a clear up even at 9 o'clock....such a shame.

Leaving Henly looking at the Church, The Angel Pub & Henley Bridge

Bisham Church

Temple Island just past Henley

Short hop to Marlow past wonderful houses again. The only space we could find to moor above the bridge was not quite so nice as Henley and more expensive £10 this time. However it was close to the town and quite acceptable. We shopped before lunch as we were expecting Anne & Keith for supper. A phone call from them confirmed their visit and could they stay overnight. This was quite acceptable so a quick change of bedding. Whilst doing this we had a call from friends Cherry & Mike to say they were in the area and could they drop in......also very acceptable but necessitated a bit of a speed up on the domestic front!!!! When Mike arrived at the boat I had just come out of the shower. We walked across to meet them in the cafe in the park and had a pleasant hour before Anne & Keith arrived.

Medmenham Abbey

Very pleasant evening sitting ashore until the wind became too chill and caught up with all news of each others family. Next morning Anne remained on board whilst Keith took the car and our laundry home with him ( nice to have friends like that!) Anne then did the run down to Windsor with us and Keith drove over later in the afternoon with my clean and dry laundry! Unfortunately he gets sick when travelling on the water, hence his choice not to join us on the trip. They have been with us on the canals and he just walks the towpath all day with suitable stops for lunch etc, and becomes very fit. However this is not so easy on the river.

Leaving Marlow

We stopped as planned to pick up diesel at Bourne End marina...however it had gone up from the 93p they had told me on the phone to 95p after a new delivery. The car price in this area is about £1.32 so with the tax difference of just over 40p I suppose that is not far off the mark.

As we waited to go through Marlow lock we saw this bird piggybacking her babies.

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