Friday, 11 July 2008

Rest at Crofton

After our long day on Thursday we decided to have a rest day yesterday. In the morning we visited the Crofton Pumping Station which was fascinating and well worth a visit. It would have been lovely to be here when it was actually in steam but since that is only at the end of the month (all summer months) the odds on our hitting it then were never great.

Honey Street Clock in pump house, (see for details)

Since we had had a cooked breakfast (very unusually) we didn't feel we could do justice to the lovely home made cakes which were on display in the cafe. Instead we went for a walk round Wilton Water via Wilton village and the Swan Pub (quick 1/2!), the old Roman Road and back along the towpath. After a short siesta we climbed up to Crofton pumphouse again and had our cake for tea!!!

Crofton Pumping station (see

Blue Petroc (second from right)seen from Crofton Pumping Station

Our mooring at Crofton was pleasant and one got used to the roar of the frequent trains passing by. After some fiddling (and dark mutterings from Geoff) we managed to obtain a TV picture from the satellite aerial as we had nothing at all from the terrestrial.

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