Thursday, 17 July 2008

Return to Newbury

Retracing our steps now so we know where everything is in the places we visit.
Emma joined us in Hungerford on Tuesday afternoon with a mail drop, she was returning from a long weekend with friends in France. It had been Bastille Day on the Monday and I think she overtrained somewhat! So we had a quiet evening, although she and Geoff managed a quick wander up to the pub before dinner aboard.
Latish start for us as Emma was catching up on her sleep, but when she was having a final cup of coffee and was almost ready to go Geoff came up and said that a boat ahead (Strathmore)was just leaving and we could share locks. So the coffee was abandoned and she and Parga were unceremoniously dumped ashore!
Gentle run to Kintbury after both boats watering beyond the bridge...this took forever as the flow is not good. However the weather was kind again and it was a very pleasant morning.
Tied up in Kintbury, a boat obligingly left in the same spot we had moored when we came through before.
I spent the afternoon catching up with Giles accounts and his VAT return, but was dragged away early evening as we were invited for a drink with Klim & Tina on Strathmore. We were joined after a while by James & Fiona from Salix Alba, (we had met James whilst in Bath).
Supper on board after we all had put the boating world to rights.
Thursday morning we left at 0610 for the run to Newbury...I have to say this was against my better judgement...I thought 0730 was quite early enough.......
No company in the locks this time which was hardly surprising at that hour of the morning!!
We reached Newbury about 10am and managed to find a space just after the swing bridge before the lock, from where we can watch the antics of everyone else ....our turn tomorrow morning......

Tony Fletcher arrived at the same time by car to collect Di's sunglasses which she had left behind when they visited us in Bradford on Avon.
Just after 11 Strathmore arrived and also managed to find a space. They said they had thought of having an early start and joining us through the locks, but by the time they poked their heads out at 7am we had disappeared.......we wouldn't have done if I had had my way.......

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