Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Rain Rain go away

Wet Wet Wet!!! I know we are not the only ones suffering today. I feel so sorry for the narrowboat hirers who are on a time trip, at least when it is like this we can elect to stay where we are. We are on the moorings by the Black Horse above lock 47. We had a good meal in the pub last night, both of us falling foul of the steak and kidney pudding. It was so filling there was no room for pudding, so tonight after I have cooked our supper we, or rather I, am considering going back to finish off.
No pictures today as I didn't think continuous heavy rain was very scintillating. Geoff braved walking up to town this am, with wellies, raincoat and umbrella. He managed to find a barber with whom he was very pleased, so Captain Birds Eye is looking somewhat less shaggy around the face.
Apart from taking Ellie for a couple of very short trips outside I have not budged from Petroc.
Forecast says it should pass through by midnight so we are hoping we can set off for an early start tomorrow. We have designs on getting to Pewsey so we can partake of the breakfast which is recommended at the cafe. However this depends on us finding a mooring there. When we came through space was at a premium with a lot of the 48 hr moorings taken up with long stayers.
Yesterday whilst travelling with Hamilton Young they told us that they had just paid £1.10 per litre for fuel. We paid 92p last time we filled up. But at £1.10p it is very close to normal diesel prices so it strikes me that when November comes there should be no extra to pay. Somebody somewhere seems to be cashing in. I heard on the television recently that farmers were paying around 70p for red diesel.

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