Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Rest Day at Bradford

A gentle day or rather a gentle afternoon. In the morning I decided to take Ellie to the vets.. Whilst she seems fine in herself, apart from the fact she no longer wishes to walk far, she has this sort of twitch in both of her back legs. Difficult to describe, but every few steps she takes she stops and lifts one or other of her back legs and it seems to go into spasm. The vet gave her the once over, including taking her temperature which Ellie was not impressed with, but failed to find anything. Temp, reflexes and heart all OK, so I guess it is just old age.
After that we walked up to Sainsburys with only a small shopping list. I took my shopping trolley just in case which was a good job as we certainly needed it.

No TV reception at all so no tennis for me in the afternoon. Instead I busied myself writing a promised article about our travels for the WRAF Officers annual newsletter. At tea time Geoff went for one of his wanders and visited "Granny Mo's Tearoom" at the top of the lock. He had gone out of curiosity because they had a Cornish flag flying outside. It transpired that Mo was from West Cornwall
Geoff said the food looked lovely and he was hard put to not to fall foul of some of her cakes.
I did question him closely on this score on his return but he assured me he only had a cup of tea!!
There is no mention of it in either our Nicholsons Guide or Pearson's which seems a pity but she has only been there 3 years so maybe it will be in the next editions. You can see the cafe at

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