Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Return to Hungerford

Sunday on the Railways

Sunday was yet another good weather day.....how can we cope with being so spoilt.......

Not so many trains going along today just maintenance

Geoff walked into Great Bedwyn for the 9.30 service but I stayed behind as we felt it was too long to leave Ellie as we had also booked for Sunday Lunch in the Cross Keys.

Great Bedwyn Church

I had a very fruitful morning however as I did all the laundry, and got most of it dry, and also gave one side of Petroc a sprucing up. We seemed to have accumulated quite a few scratches so treated them with Kurust (kindly donated to me by Guilt Free Indulgence who was moored behind us.)

I them walked the 2 miles into Great Bedwyn to meet Geoff for lunch. In the meantime he had walked down to Little Bedwyn and was enjoying a pint and reading the Sunday papers in the pub when I arrived. We then had an excellent lunch and can thoroughly recommend the food at the Cross Keys.

Little Bedwyn Church

Back at Petroc, having walked off our lunch, I painted over all my repairs to the side, whilst Geoff watched the golf....sometimes I think there is something wrong with this scenario!!!!

We set off very early Monday for Great Bedwyn where we collected friend Ronnie who was coming for the night. We did the 4 locks in solitary splendour on a beautiful morning and when we arrived Ronnie had beaten us to it. After watering etc and a quick shop (very good baker in the village) we departed for Hungerford. Now we are descending life is much easier in the locks and we even had the company of another boat for the last 3, including Hopgrass Farm Lock where the swing bridge actually goes over the lock.

There was room to moor above Hungerford lock when one boat obligingly moved forward for us.

After lunch Ronnie and I meandered over the town including the long alleyway of antique shops. Geoff meanwhile explored the inside of his eyelids!!

Geoff had managed to get a reasonable picture on the TV as we all wanted to watch "New Tricks " at 9pm. However after 2 Pimms before supper and a shared bottle of wine Ronnie and I managed to sleep through most of it. Geoff swears he saw it all......

Tuesday morning Ronnie departed..10 mins on the train back to Great Bedwyn to travel as far as we had yesterday in 4 hours! However I know which is preferable.

A snippet of information we picked up from another boat....friends of theirs bought diesel at Norbury Junction at 75p per litre. Last time we filled up it was 97p and another boat we met at Devizes had paid £1.10 when they filled up...why are we paying so much more down here...the words "off" and "rip" spring to mind.

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