Friday, 18 September 2015

and so to Stratford.

Under the narrow arch of the bridge at Bidford
The bridge itself is closed to motor traffic due to an accident.  We understand that a combine harvester last control.

A fair bit of rebuilding seems necessary....I wonder who is paying??
Six locks to do today but we have Boe with us still which makes things a bit easier.  Normally we have no problem with the two of us but coming up these Avon locks we have to have a fore and aft line on and take things very slowly.

Morning ablutions
There are some lovely large houses along this stretch......
Geoff says he would not like their lawns to mow!
Boe has been ruminating about living on a narrow boat on her own and
thought this might be about her size.
However since she wont even steer our boat it doesn't seem a very serious thought.  In addition she is shortly to depart for a 2 year contract teaching in the Australian International School in Vietnam
There are swans in abundance on this river.
A lot of good that notice did!!
Approaching Binton Bridge
We have been so lucky with the weather today.   The forecast last night did not look good and we considered staying over in Bideford as we didn't fancy 6 locks in the rain.....but there was no rain and lots of sunshine.
Although the river is not high there is quite a flow and care is needed at the approach to some of the locks as we pass the weir.  At Luddington lock we pulled over onto the right hand side landing stage then realised that because of the angle the two boats who had just entered the lock to descend would have trouble getting out so we decided to move over to the left hand landing stage to give them room.
When I was half way across they opened both paddles which made life somewhat difficult ....why are some people so impatient.....

After this lock we caught up with another boat so had company for the last two locks into Stratford. However because the locks are so wide we still have to tie fore and aft, but it was nice to have company.

Very pretty approach to Stratford
But a bit of wellie needed to get past the outflows from the weirs.
Someone has been round and done a very neat job
trimming the bottom of these willows.
and so to the recreation ground moorings where there were several boats moored but plenty of space for us.

Total distance:9.22 miles 
Elapsed time:4h36m21s 
Average speed:2.00 mph (3.09 lock/mph)

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