Thursday, 10 September 2015

Towards Pershore

We would probably have stayed an extra night in this secluded mooring if it hadn't been for last night antics.

So onward we go with the plan of mooring just short of Pershore.

We passed today's 'des res'
Not a lot else to see on our short trip today BUT the sun was shining AND there was no rain.

We ended up at the Pershore Bridge moorings where we have moored before.
No one else was moored there so we were able to go right up to the end where the quay drops down a little which enables Barney to get on and also makes it easier for me!   The height of some of these quays make them more suitable for cruisers.
We did have the company of three horses but they were tethered so no danger of a head through the window looking for carrots.
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It is a 5 min walk into Pershore from here so very handy.   After a relaxing afternoon we rounded the day off well with a visit from Geoff & Gill.  We were able to sit outside with our drinks in one of the sunniest evenings we have had for a while, picnic tables provided again......this is the life....

Total distance:3.69 miles 
Average speed:3.07 mph (3.07 lock/mph) 

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